January, 2012

The anomalies started out a few days into the new year with a partial circle from Darwin, followed up by a sneaky circle barely visible from Emerald.

Darwin circle - Jan 3, 2011

Emerald ring is only just visible, Jan 3, 2012

Just to prove that is Emerald

Next up was Namoi giving up a flash of varying degrees over several hours on January 8,  throughout the passage of a severe thunderstorm.

See : 512km Radar Loop for Namoi, 05:00 08/01/2012 to 19:00 08/01/2012 UTC

Three days later was the spectacular green flash from Katherine, which seemed to be all Cyclone Heidi needed to kick start the rotation that saw her surprise everyone by intensifying to an almost category three system before crossing close to Port Hedland.  See more about Cyclone Heidi here.

Katherine flash coincides with Cyclone Heidi - Jan 11, 2012

It’s back to Namoi again on the January 17th, along with an odd show at the same time in Geraldton. Interestingly, the two places are some 3,500 km apart and in a direct line with each other.  You’d be forgiven for thinking they could be part of an over the horizon radar network…

The radar is showing a ragged but intense semi circular return that doesn't relate to the visible cloud in Geraldton. Note: the time on this picture is WST - which is 6:40PM, or 18:40 in EDT

At the same time, in a direct line across the country, Namoi has a circle that persists for three hours, and ends with a heavy beam.

Here you see the synchronised shows from Geraldton in the west and Namoi in the east

Now look at the Namoi loop.  It appears that the prolonged flash caused any rain within the scope of the radar to dissipate, as though the temperature of the region has altered (heated?). Then, the rain coming westward into the altered area also dissipates – it just can’t get close to that radar.  Check it out:

See : 256km Radar Loop for Namoi, 19:00 16/01/2012 to 23:00 17/01/2012 UTC

It is also interesting how the beam is present in the final frame of the circle.  This seems to be a new thing with Namoi, it also happened on the 8th.

What is it with Namoi lately?  In this loop from January 22, 2012, once again something going on at the Namoi radar site appears to be firstly repelling an incoming storm, and then simply dissolving it into nothingness.  Check it out:

See : 256km Radar Loop for Namoi, 23:00 20/01/2012 to 14:00 21/01/2012 UTC

Yarrawonga has come up with another anomaly that is new to us, this stunning pink, red, yellow and green partial circle in the early hours of January 26, 2012.  As opposed to a spectrum beam, this one has to be coined as a ‘spectrum flash’.  It was there and gone in one 10 minute increment of the radar cycle at 2am local time – so  it’s probably safe to assume the technicians didn’t get out of bed to rectify a simple software glitch…

Colourful 'spectrum flash' anomaly from Yarrawonga - Jan 26, 2011

A closer view

Here’s how it looked at Yarrawonga on the loop – a very strange lead up to the flash:

See : 128km Radar Loop for Yarrawonga, 07:00 25/01/2012 to 17:00 25/01/2012 UTC

Meanwhile, the weather around the country is certainly worth noting:

  • Cyclone Iggy is forming off the WA coast, and at this time, it is forecast to become at least a category 3 storm
  • The south of the state is into its third day of what looks like it will be at least a nine day heat wave, with temperatures in the 40’s across much of the area
  • Still in WA, bush fires have burnt about three quarters of a million hectares and are still burning in the Gascoyne region thanks to lightning strikes
  • Up to 400 millimetres of rain fell across parts of Queensland over the past few days, causing widespread flash flooding that has cut roads, isolated some communities and prompted evacuations in others
  • The same system is dumping rain now in New South Wales, causing flash flooding, swollen rivers, overflowing dams and the evacuation of 4,200 people in the far NSW north coast
  •  And the Top End is experiencing heavy rain, flooding and winds from stormy weather created by a strong monsoon trough

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