November 2011

November kicked off with a ring from Adelaide’s Buckland Park radar:

Adelaide ring, November 1, 2011

Interestingly, spectrum lines began coming from both Adelaide radars the next day  – I had not noticed any from this area prior to this time.

Nov 2, 2011 - Adelaide spectrum line

Two days later was a decent circular flash from Esperance, along with a few other bits and pieces.  The red lines in the picture below were added by me to show that the Wagga Wagga and Dampier beams while not only being synchronised, are also parallel:

Parallel beams and other odd things, Nov 4, 2011


The following day Newcastle showed a messy-looking circular flash – here’s how it looked on the loop:

See : 512km Radar Loop for Newcastle, 09:00 05/11/2011 to 23:00 05/11/2011 UTC

Sydney follows up with a ring on the 9th:

Strong ring from Sydney, Nov 9, 2011

November 14th seems to have been a day of editing out images from the WZ radar – at least it looks that way if you compare the following two shots taken at the same time:

Note the circle and beams on the Queensland coast from Rockhampton

Where are the Rockhampton spotty circle and heavy beams in the east?

Meanwhile in the west, Dampier was very busy beaming throughout the day – check it out on the loop:

See : 512km Radar Loop for Dampier, 00:00 14/11/2011 to 23:00 14/11/2011 UTC

The following day saw intense radar action from the Carnarvon to Port Hedland region in WA – only there was no weather around to justify any of it:

Why is this radar image like this? Nov 15, 2011

No cloud in the area of high radar activity. Why?

Here’s how Carnarvon looked as that radar mass was forming:

Well-defined circle of non-weather, Nov 15, 2011

It wasn’t only Carnarvon though, Exmouth, Dampier, Pt Hedland – all of them were doing it:

See : 512km Radar Loop for Carnarvon, 00:00 15/11/2011 to 23:00 15/11/2011 UTC

So while that west coast weirdness continued overnight and into the following day,  radars in other parts of Australia started acting up, starting with a spec line from Adelaide, which was visible on the national radar, and the South Australia radar: but not on the Adelaide radar.

Adelaide spectrum line - Nov 16, 2011

Adelaide spec line visible on SA map - Nov 16, 2011

So why isn't it in this shot? Note: 04:30 EDT = 04:00 CDT

Rockhampton circle and beams back again, along with strong beam further south from Sydney area

The Port Hedland radar imagining weather two days later:

Port Hedland beams and circles - minus any actual weather in the vicinity... Nov 18, 2011

No weather near Pt Hedland

Rockhampton dotty circle and beams are now visible on Weatherzone - Nov 18, 2011

..Still happening on both sides of the country two days later - Nov 20, 2011

And still happening the next day too:

And still again the following day. Nov 21, 2011

A sneaky beam from Katherine

Weipa beam, Nov 22, 2011

Albany fires up with a circular flash while Rockhampton is still at it in the east - Nov 22, 2011

The 23rd was just action plus on the east coast.

Beams from Wollongong and Rockhampton - Nov 23, 2011

Beam from Wagga Wagga, and Rockhampton

Beam from Newcastle, and if you look closely, from Rockhampton

A better look at what's happening in Rockhampton, Nov 23, 2011

In the early hours of the next day, Nov 24th, Port Hedland has a sneaky circle visible:

Faint circle from Port Hedland, Nov 24, 2011

Followed later in the day by yet another discrepancy between Weatherzone and Weather Channel:

Circle clearly visible in Sydney

And clearly not visible in this screen shot

More discrepancies between radars and cloud satellite two days later on the 26th:

The cloud doesn't match the radar in the north west again - Nov 26, 2011

Look to the west of Ceduna and compare it to the next pic of the radar, Nov 26, 2011

That looks like cloud and/or rain heading toward Ceduna, but it isn't

Two days later on Nov 28th there’s no cloud on the satellite, but apparently a heap of it on the radar.  What is this, a month-long “glitch”?

Once again, no cloud visible in the Karratha to Broome area

There's that "weather" again, and a beam for good measure - Nov 28, 2011

The same thing is happening over 'the top end' - the Northern Territory with no cloud Nov 28, 2011

Mystery radar NT style (includes Alice Springs and Tennant Creek) - Nov 28, 2011

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