July 2011

July kicks off with another of Townsville’s circular shows.

Townsville again, July 1 2011

The next day Townsville is at it again, there were five shows starting just before 1:00am  and continued intermittently until almost 9:00am.

Townsville at it again - July 2 2011

The 3rd day in July starts with this pattern in Victoria, which is visible in all frames from until 16:30 to 23:00 EST.

Interesting pattern in Victoria – July 3 2011

While that’s happening, West Takone shows a 30 minute spectrum line, and then Hobart an hour and a half later with a 20 minute spectrum line.

West Takone, Tasmania 30 minute spectrum line - July 3 2011

Another spec line from Tassie - July 3 2011

Two days later Geraldton gets back into it, also with a spectrum line.

Geraldton spec line - July 5 2011

The radar comes back online at 13:00 WST and it does this until 13:10 WST and then goes offline again:

Geraldton, WA - July 5 2011. It was still offline at 14:30...the following day.

Also around lunch time on July 5th, Melbourne experienced a 4.4 magnitude earthquake along with aftershocks, measuring 3.3 and 3.7 magnitude.  Two hours later NZ’s north island was struck by a powerful quake – GNS Science in New Zealand said the earthquake was magnitude 6.5, but the US Geological Survey measured the quake at 5.3.

A different kind of ring from Albany - July 6 2011

Halls Creek spec line and Darwin dotty circles - July 7 2011

Ceduna beam - July 8 2011

Queensland's big orange beam - July 9 2011

Then only one hour later:

Townsville going dotty - July 9 2011

After a quiet ten days, the next image was captured by a contributor to the Weatherzone forum.  Along with the following quote, he also posted a screen shot which has since been “moved or deleted” from Photobucket:

There’s four isolated supercells heading for Perth!! shocked shocked

Perth radar going nuts, dissected by a line from Esperance - July 19 2011

Here’s the screenshot I took later that night:

Why is this blank? July 19 2011

I’m glad he posted, because along with the above blank image, it proves that some things are being edited off the WZ radar.  I’ve just found there are also no images available on the Weather Chaser archives for that time frame, not for Perth, or Perth Airport.  There is a loop for Esperance, but the 13:10 to 14:20 WST frames are missing, but it does include a Kalgoorlie spectrum line near the end of the loop:

See : 512km Radar Loop for Esperance, 01:00 19/07/2011 to 13:00 19/07/2011 UTC

Note: You’ll have noticed a series of beams beginning at 16:10 in the above loop if you watched it – that’s the radar picking up the sun and following it as it sets. Esperance radar typically does this both at sunset and sunrise.

But before the sun set that day, there was a lot of action in the north of the state as well:

Katherine, Wyndham, Dampier and Darwin join in - July 19 2011

It’s a busy shot this one.  Clearly Katherine is doing its thing, with a solid orange line in the centre of it.  Running through it is a strong beam from Wyndham. Down the coast further Dampier was beaming on and off for several hours. Check it out on the loop, even Darwin Airport gets a decent flash in.  Oh, and don’t miss the two spec lines from Wyndham:

See : 512km Radar Loop for Wyndham, 01:00 19/07/2011 to 13:00 19/07/2011 UTC

Geraldton - July 22 2011

How it looks on the loop:

See : 512km Radar Loop for Geraldton, 21:00 21/07/2011 to 07:00 22/07/2011 UTC

In this next loop, from July 23 2011, you’ll see some impressive beams crossing each other from Wyndham and Katherine/Tindal, along with a spec line (bottom left of screen, 5th frame) from Halls Creek and another one near the end of the loop from Wyndham. And Darwin still doing its dotty circle thing.

See : 512km Radar Loop for Darwin Airport, 20:00 22/07/2011 to 09:00 23/07/2011 UTC

The following day, Wyndham is still beaming:

Another Wyndham beam - July 24 2011

Here it is on the loop, along with several spec lines, also from Wyndham:

See : 512km Radar Loop for Darwin Airport, 12:00 23/07/2011 to 11:00 24/07/2011 UTC

The following day, July 25 2011, there seems to be some intensity at the Geraldton radar – only it isn’t weather:

Where did that come from? July 25 2011

Not only that, it seems to cut through the weather on the western side of it – the straight edge from the Geraldton anomaly lines up perfectly with weather near Three Springs

Geraldton radar slicing through the incoming weather - July 25 2011

Meanwhile, both prior to and after that, Albany was also doing odd things:

A persistent line from Albany - July 25 2011

This is from a post I made on Weatherzone to sum up the final week or so of July:

Things have been busy as usual in the northwest. Those Darwin circles are pretty much constantly occurring, and are at times intense with plenty of colours in them. The coloured lines pointing directly north as is visible at Katherine in the following image have also been popping up regularly on a handful of radars.
The beams from the Dampier area have backed off a lot compared to the past several months, but still happen occasionally. Also, check out Tennant Creek on the following image – it seems to have been raining in that one area there for several days now, although observations and satellite images suggest otherwise.

Busy in the northwest - July 26 2011

The following loop will give you a clearer idea of what I mean about the Darwin action, and it has a bonus beam thrown in from Wyndham:

See : 512km Radar Loop for Darwin Airport, 23:00 25/07/2011 to 12:00 26/07/2011 UTC

Geraldton spent days beaming a broken line to the west as well:

Note: the green lines are always at the same level just south of west on the Geraldton images. I can’t discern any patterns in the timing for it to be a simple glitch with each pass over that area – sometimes they’re there, and sometimes not as I’ve shown from just one day in the following image.

Geraldton western lines - July 26 2011

Albany does something a bit different on July 28 2011:

New directions from Albany - July 28 2011

Tennant Creek weirdness:

See : 256km Radar Loop for Tennant Creek, 09:00 30/07/2011 to 03:00 31/07/2011 UTC

Gove radar finishes up July with a strange little dummy spit:

See : 128km Radar Loop for Gove, 15:00 30/07/2011 to 21:00 30/07/2011 UTC

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