May 2011

Emerald radar fires up in conjunction with a passing storm - May 3 2011

Here’s what one of the Weatherzone forum readers had to say about it:

Just wanted to say – I’ve been watching this subject for a few months now, and I recorded that same Emerald radar”anomalie” via screen print – and there was a storm at the same time as the ring 4-5pmish – the storm was very different and strange. Very strong winds in SE Qld and last only 1/2 hour or so…I checked the radar straight after the storm as soon as I got wireless reception back. This is a strange one because it is not a perfect circle – it’s like it’s squashed down. The picture was taken at 18.20, 4.20 EST. I also have a radar line coming out of Brisbane. The storm was occuring at this time.

This is called “geoengineering” and it is about modifying our weather events. Combine the radar anomalies with cloud seeding aka chem trails. We got photo’s of all the chem trail activity last week (most of it).

Also wanted to add that the chem trail activity up the East Coast of Australia has increased recently. From Coffs to Gladstone (similar range as the radar in Brisbane) Nearly every day last week and this weekend was chem trails everywhere. And of course, those pretty little rainbows near the sun. Yesterday, especially.

Hmm, sounds a lot like the same as what we were seeing in the west?


Back to the radar…Emerald again, May 10 2011.

Another Tuesday show from Emerald - May 10 2011

Here’s how it looked on the national radar, note the dotty circles around Darwin at the top centre, and the beam from Pt Hedland or Dampier in the upper left – both had been displaying intermittently in that way for at least a week.

May 10 2011

Now, for some really interesting action from Dampier on May 14 2011 – are those beams actually dissipating the clouds? Click on the link to watch the loop, because it certainly looks like they are!

See : 512km Radar Loop for Dampier, 17:00 13/05/2011 to 13:00 14/05/2011 UTC

Emerald fires up again, on a Tuesday, again. May 17 2011. It started out with faint circles showing up there at 2:40, 4:40 and 5:00 EST, before graduating to this:

Emerald acting up on a Tuesday again - May 17 2011

Followed closely by Halls Creek:

(Note: 14:10 EST = 11:10 WST)

Halls Creek going dotty - May 17 2011

And to top off an interesting day, every radar in the nation appeared to be offline between 17:10 and 18:30 EST.

Moving right along, to May 21 2011, and both sides of the country are again active, starting in the west:

Darwin showed constant disturbance from 4:40 WST until 5:50 WST, and then Newcastle kicked in from in the east (see below). The Newcastle flash is strongest at 14:00 EST and it gradually fades out forty minutes later, and then there’s one last flash exactly one hour after that at 15:40 EST.

Newcastle not quite finished for the day - May 21 2011


May 22 2011 - Unusual pattern forms in the Griffith region

The above image is interesting – it very much resembles the Australia New Zealand Square Kilometre Array logo.

More about SKA here:

SKA is linked to the MIT Haystack Observatory,, and the Murchison Widefield Array or MWA, along with others.  Check out the sites, you’ll find references on all of them to ionospheric studies.


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